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Are you interested in learning more about traffic control, road construction safety, automated flagging devices and more? Our blog covers a wide variety of topics ranging from the various kinds of safety hazards flaggers face to the different kinds of traffic control devices that are available for use. As a manufacturer of Automated Flagger Assistance Devices (AFAD) we consider ourselves a reliable source of information in these areas when you need it. That being said, check out our collection of articles below.

Barrels and stop signs are installed along the road for work zone traffic safety. Construction trucks sit in the background.

Avoiding Human Injury During Work Zone Intrusions

Work zone fatalities happen more often than they should. Highway maintenance workers are often at risk of injury on the job. An average of 120 road worker fatalities occur within work zones each year. Many of these fatalities are caused
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A flagger holds a SLOW sign to direct traffic and increase work zone safety.

Common Flagger Injuries

Safety is the top priority when working at a road construction site. Road work has many potential dangers from collisions with passing traffic to accidents with equipment. Flagging is the second-most dangerous work zone activity, and flaggers can suffer extreme
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Men practice safety procedures in a road construction zone.

Tips for Encouraging Worker Safety

Think about your work zone for a minute. How are you communicating safety procedures to your employees? Are you utilizing the latest in safety technology? Are your employees ditching safety procedures to meet tight deadlines? If your answers to questions
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A road construction worker wears high-visibility clothing in a work zone.

What To Wear In A Work Zone

Are your workers dressed appropriately in your work zone? From sweltering summer days and freezing winters to rainy days and high winds, learn how you can keep safe in a work zone by wearing the proper gear. 
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A smiling flagger holds a stop sign in a temporary traffic control zone.

Understanding Short-Term Temporary Traffic Control Options

What do think of when you think of traffic options for your short-term temporary traffic control zone? Do you think of flaggers? Automated flagger assistance devices? Keep reading to learn more about the different types of traffic control options and
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A work zone filled with signage.

Work Zone Risk Assessment

Did you know that the majority of workplace accidents are preventable? It’s true. An estimated 90% of workplace accidents occur because proper risk management did not happen. Keep reading to learn more about work zone risk management, and why it
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