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Are you interested in learning more about traffic control, road construction safety, automated flagging devices and more? Our blog covers a wide variety of topics ranging from the various kinds of safety hazards flaggers face to the different kinds of traffic control devices that are available for use. As a manufacturer of Automated Flagger Assistance Devices (AFAD) we consider ourselves a reliable source of information in these areas when you need it. That being said, check out our collection of articles below.

Construction signs warn drivers of a flagger ahead.

AFADs: The Future of the Work Zone

We don’t need to jump into a DeLorean and travel through time to see what the future of work zone safety holds. For traffic flaggers, safety can be improved by devices that are a bit more reliable than a sports
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An advanced warning sign on a city street tells drivers a flagger is ahead.

Staying Safe: Flagger Mortality Risks

Road construction is a tough job. Highway flaggers and maintenance workers face everything from harsh weather conditions to the daily dangers of traffic and machinery.  The CDC reports that 1,844 workers were killed at road construction sites between 2003 and
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A flagger in a yellow-green reflective vest holds a stop/slow sign while directing traffic on a suburban road.

What Are OSHA’s Flagger Requirements?

In 1924, the American Association of State Highway Officials created a report detailing various caution signs across the country. That report would become part of the very first traffic guide. The Manual on Uniform Traffic Devices (MUTCD) was first published
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A line of cars passes through an active work zone with a speed limit of 25 mph.

How Risky Driving Impacts Flagger Safety

Cars go by. Your coworkers repair the pavement behind you. You stand on the shoulder of the road, directing traffic through the work zone. One driver could change your entire life.
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A row of traffic cones guide drivers through the work zone during a resurfacing project.

Optimal AFAD Placement

Automated flagger assistance devices (AFADs) make directing traffic easier and safer for everyone involved. One AFAD can guide a single lane of approaching traffic away from work zone hazards and construction workers. The road crew controls AFADs from a safe
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A portable barrier fence with yellow lamps blocks off an area of broken asphalt to promote work zone safety.

Urban Traffic Management

Urban areas are bustling with traffic, bicyclists, and pedestrians. With numerous storefronts and stops for public transit, busy urban areas present their own challenges for road construction workers. If you are planning to work in an urban area, there are
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